About the D.C.O.P

The Docks Company of Pals is a group of friends who meet periodically to dine and to receive talks, to visit places of a common interest or to be otherwise entertained.

The Company was originally established in 1912 after a group of friends successfully managed the business of a colleague while he was incapacitated. That small group, originally based around the Coal Exchange in Cardiff's Mountstuart Square, decided to continue to meet on a broadly monthly basis. They elected a President and drew up a constitution which specified the name of the club and identified a short list of objectives. Although, primarily a dining club, originally based at the Coal Exchange, the organisation collected annual subscriptions and donations so that the members could periodically make monetary donations to local charities and institutions with the objective of helping those in their community less well off than themselves. The Constitution was established and agreed at their first meeting on the 24th February 1912 and the Company has met regularly ever since.

With the contraction of the Cardiff Docks since the great days of the coal exporting boom, membership has been extended to those outside the Docks who are sympathetic to the aims of the club and prepared to support them.This has led to an interesting mix of members, particularly with the inclusion of ships' officers representing Royal and Merchant Navies with their many and varied experiences. When the Coal Exchange closed, the Club's meetings moved to the rehearsal facilities of the Welsh National Opera until that facility moved to the Millennium Centre.

The group now meets on the last Monday of the month from September to April and is currently privileged to be accommodated at the Cardiff and County Club, Westgate Street Cardiff.

The club organises a number of other events including visits to places of interest, sporting fixtures, and an annual Ladies Night.

The current membership stands at approximately 60. The club celebrated its Centenary in 2012.



Jewel worn by President during his year of office